As a parent of young children, I am currently steeped in the magic of all things Santa. My kids still believe that anything is possible - including a giant Minion-shaped trampoline somehow appearing under our tree on Christmas morning. (If such a thing does exist, I hope Santa knows that we are not the intended recipients of this particular gift.)

What do your employees want for the holidays? No, seriously - do you know? Have you asked?

The holiday season can be a great excuse to find out what's on your employees' minds, and what's on their wish lists. Some things (nobody getting sick for the next 6 months) are clearly out of your control, but others (the ability to donate PTO days to a co-worker who needs them) may not be.

Even if you aren't able to play Santa to the degree you'd like, the very fact of asking shows that you care about your employees as people.

And that's a gift that everyone can appreciate.